Barracudas organises first Open Water Swim event

Barracudas Sports Club organised its first Open Water Swim event on 7 May 2023. Participants completed the 3-kilometre-long swim, two laps in total, at the bay before Barracudas Sports Club, Stella Maris Street, St Paul’s Bay.

Before the start of the swim, every participant received gifts, including towels, swimming caps, and cosmetics. Barracudas Sports Club thanks all the sponsors for supporting today’s event. (This event was sponsored by Decathlon, La Roche-Posay, Arkó, 3Tech, JB Stores and Dion Barbieri from DBR Group.) After the swim, every participant received a special Barracudas medallion to serve as a memento for completing the challenging swim.

Barracudas Sports Club congratulates all the participants. The below chart shows the final results.

Name and SurnameAge Categories (On Event Date)DistanceTime 1.5KmTime 3KmFinal Result by Age Group
Lucas Paris RodingBetween 18 and 303Km27.4354.591st
Jurgen CashaBetween 18 and 303Km33.41:07.122nd
Ryan SciortinoBetween 31 and 403Km28.0956.171st
Duncan AbdillaBetween 31 and 403Km32.271:06.153rd
Aleandro MifsudBetween 31 and 403Km29.071:00.372nd
Rupert PaceBetween 41 and 503Km34.391:10.588th
Ian DemicoliBetween 41 and 503Km32.261:05.337th
Justin VassalloBetween 41 and 503Km31.141:00.514th
Philippe GattBetween 41 and 503Km30.181:03.005th
Christopher DemicoliBetween 41 and 503Km27.3855.092nd
Christopher MicallefBetween 41 & 503Km27.0455.413rd
Andrew AzzopardiBetween 41 & 503Km27.3554.531st
Wilfred SalibaBetween 51 and 603Km37.061:18.281st
Norbert GrixtiAge 61 plus3Km35.191:12.511st

The slideshow below shows some snapshots from today’s event.


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